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In a non-industrialized world there would be no need for this device. It is the large volume of refined materials in our society, such as metals and plastics coupled with a dry atmosphere, that creates an environment supporting static electricity. StopShox™ is a device that safely reduces the rate that an electrical charge or static electricity leaves the human body, ensuring that no one ever feels a shock.

StopShox™ has been designed to fit conveniently on your key chain, allowing the device to be with you where you are most likely to get shocked - in a grocery store, an office, or when getting in and out of a car.

StopShox™ should easily last years before replacement may be necessary; however, the drier the environment, the sooner StopShox™ may need to be replaced.

Warranty: If StopShox™ does not provide the protection that you are expecting, simply return the device within 2 years of purchase for a free replacement, or within 2 months for a full refund.

Danger!, Do not use StopShox™ in an electrical power outlet or on any other device that creates a continuous source of electricity such as: high voltage batteries, capacitors, or power supplies.

Technical Specifications Value and Units

Protective Potential (+ & -) 15 kV

Product Warranty 1 month refund, 1 year replacement

Product Casing Material Poly Vinyl Plastic

Touch Contact Material Silver #7440-22-4
Tin #7440-31-5

Product Dimensions 0.88" x 1.90" x 0.16"

Key Chain Hole Dimensions 0.18" x 0.11"

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