"Hi, Just a note to tell you how much I love stopshox! All my friends and my husband were skeptical, especially when they saw it. But it really works! And you can tell it works when you touch the metal and see a really small spark."
S.A. - West Branch, IA

"I am writing to tell you how much I LOVE your product. For years I have had to deal with painful shocks from static electricity. Petting my cats in the winter months hurt both them and me. Even kissing my honey would give me shocks!

I put a rubber strap on my car so I wouldn't get zinged, sprayed the seats with static guard, had a humidifier installed on the furnace, and even had a portable humidifier in the family room, ALL to no avail. I would try to use my car key to avoid a shock by touching the car itself before I did, and the electricity would jump from the key to me. My cats still got shocks when petted. I would get a shock from the computer in the family room.

Finally, I did a search on the web and found your site. I immediately ordered four. One for my car, one for my purse, one to keep on me whenever I'm wearing something with pockets, and one for just in case! I don't know what I would do without this product. It has taken all of my static electricity problems away. I use it on the car before I get out, touch metal with it before I pet the cats, and touch metal again before touching the computer.

Thank you for such a simple solution to my lifelong problem!

Sincerely ..."

C.F. - Tonawanda, NY

"This product is so effective I use it in the office, on a file cabinet that shocks everyone so hard it's audible. Thankfully I don't cringe anymore when I have to touch it."
K.J. - Phoenix, AZ

"I just wanted to let you know that I love the StopShox. I can't believe it! I can get files out of the file cabinets at work without getting shocked every single time. I can finally go grocery shopping without getting a painful shock every time I touch a can or shelf. I used to dread opening doors because of the static shock. I used to receive dozens of shocks daily, I haven't received a single shock since I started using the StopShox. Thank you so much for such a helpful product."
K.T. - Hampden, ME

StopShox™ is a patented device containing and electronic circuit for the prevention of shocks and sparks caused by static electricity.

If you find yourself afraid to touch door handles, car doors, or other metal objects worried you will receive a painful shock, StopShox™ is a new product designed for you. It's a much more practical solution than removing all the metal objects around you.


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